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Communities Thrive Through Co-operation.

Working together to support educational programs that promote co-operative learning and community-building.


To provide the benefits of co-operation through access to education that enables individuals and communities to thrive.

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Co-Unity is committed to supporting innovative educational programs that promote co-operation, collaboration, critical thinking, and inclusivity. Through the support of summer camps, classroom workshops, and other educational sessions, Co-Unity will strive to create opportunities for everyone to learn about the sector, regardless of background or circumstance.


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Supported Prgrms

Supported ProgramS

Co-Unity Education Co-operative supports the ongoing education and awareness-building efforts of these Ontario-based programs for people of all ages looking to learn about the co-operative business model.

Co-operative Young Leaders

Co-operative Young Leaders (CYL) is a series of weeklong overnight summer camps for youth ages 13 to 18 that is one part experiential learning and one-part traditional camp. CYL is focused on leadership, communication, and teambuilding, and is deeply rooted in community and co-operative values.  Participants enjoy a supportive and encouraging environment where they can learn, be themselves, make new friends and have fun. 

Co-operative Minds provides free lesson plans and educational resources for teachers for Grades 2 to 12. These resources fulfill a broad range of curriculum requirements and help develop transferable skills. Lesson topics include: Community Building, The Co-operative Business Model, Sustainability, Financial Literacy, Business Development, and Indigenous Sovereignty.

An interactive and inspiring workshop where participants develop a greater understanding of how

co-operative organizations are part of a global movement - one that strives to make their communities a better place to live, work, and thrive. This workshop also explores the "co-operative advantage," as we examine the structure and social impact of credit unions and co-operatives in Canada and around the world.

Our Impact

Our Impact

Parent of CYL Participant

"My husband and I are beyond thrilled with the experience our son Lucas had at camp. He came back more confident, willing to try new activities and open himself to new possibilities and adventures. He has even accepted spending the weekends with me exploring new places around Ontario; unheard of before he went to camp! Connecting with peers his age, from other cities and away from video games and other electronic distractions has made a huge impact on his life and brought him so much needed joy. We cannot thank Co-operators enough for their sponsorship, and Carol and her team at the camp for their leadership during the program. Lucas is really looking forward to coming back next year."


The number of participants who have attended CYL since its inception in 1967.


Number of high school students engaged in Co-operative Minds curriculum each year.


Number of co-op directors/staff that have participated in the
ON Board program this year.


The number of volunteer hours put into all of our supported programs each year.

About Us

About Us

Our dedicated group of co-operative champions began working on this initiative back in 2020. We engaged co-operatives, Educators, CYL Supporters, and Alumni to build what is now Co-Unity Education Co-operative, a non-profit multi-stakeholder co-op. The co-operative was incorporated in January 2022, receiving its official charitable status from the CRA in July 2023.

Co-Unity Education Co-operative has a volunteer Board of Directors made up of 12 individuals and organizations who are from one of our three stakeholder groups (Co-operative Members, Education Members and CYL Members).

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